Tile Installation

Tile Installation Service

Tile work can be a very satisfying part of a kitchen, foyer, bath, or wherever you think a living space can be enhanced by adding tile.

From small repairs such as replacing a broken tile, to larger jobs such as tiling an entryway, I can give you very nice results at a better price than the tile-only installers.

I am careful to use quality materials, and use accepted building practices perhaps most importantly use the right backer board for your specific tile job.

Landlords can sometimes use tile in a cost-efficient manner. For example, sometimes it is less expensive to tile an existing old counter top than to replace it with a brand new one. The results are nicer, too. Tile backsplashes around kitchen sinks add a nice touch to rentals, and are extremely durable and maintenance-free.

The range of colors and styles of tiles are very exciting, and I am sure I can find the right style for your home, rental or commercial property.

Gallery of Tile Countertops

Tiled Shower Stall